Wallenium is the leading manufacturer and installer of the widest range of high-quality modular partition solutions and acoustic pods in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

The Loft House Office Centre

Wallenium completed yet another interesting and challenging project in January 2021. The location of the new…

Joint building of ministries

Wallenium produced and installed more than 1 600 m2 of partitions during the project. The project also included…

Kindluse Kool

The Kindluse Kool building complex is located in Järveküla, between Turu tee and Kindluse tee. The…

Rotermanni 5 office building / Ajamaja

The commercial building called Ajamaja, located at Rotermanni 6, represents the final stage of the Rotermann…

Lennuradari tee 12 office

OSMO office

We are committed to designing spaces that are fully functional and tailored to the specific needs of our clients.
Jevgeni Astafjev CEO

    Modular partitions


    Modular partition systems are the ideal solution for creating rooms in an office with changing needs and for separating workplaces.

    Our product range includes easily movable partition systems with wooden and aluminium profiles.

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    All-glass partitions

    Täisklaasist vaheseinad

    Glass partition systems are an ideal solution for creating rooms in an office with changing needs and separating workplaces, especially in rooms that require as much open space and light as possible. Glass partitions offer an unobstructed view as the profile only surrounds the top and bottom of the glass wall, and optionally the edges. Our product range also includes corner and door solutions suitable for glass partitions.

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    Suspended partition and folding walls

    Voldik -ja siirdeseinad

    Suspended partitions and folding walls are designed to conveniently divide and create rooms. They are easy to open and store, and provide soundproofing when needed. For solutions that include glass, they also provide light and visibility.

    Wallenium’s product range includes both folding walls consisting of hinge-connected wall panels and suspended partition walls consisting of ceiling-mounted stand-alone panels. Both can be easily opened and stored.

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    Vinyl plasterboard partitions


    The Wallenium VINWAL vinyl plasterboard partition consists of an internal metal frame attached to the floor and ceiling, with plasterboards also attached to the frame. If necessary, the ceiling unit may be connected with a special telescopic connection, which allows walls to be mounted to the ceiling without drilling any holes into the floor.

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    Soundproof acoustic booths

    Helikindlad vaikusekabiinid

    Occasionally, amid the hustle and bustle of office life, within a showroom, or at another public venue, it becomes necessary to make phone calls, conduct private meetings, or engage in quiet contemplation away from the surrounding noise.

    Our adaptable acoustic soundproof booths can be resized and relocated to provide versatile space-within-space solutions, which can be customized to meet your changing needs. We offer a variety of finishes for our acoustic booths, along with transportation and resizing possibilities, as well as options for installing lighting, ventilation and multimedia solutions. Everything can be customised to suit your specific requirements.

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    Doors in the working environment serve not only to facilitate movement but also to provide sound insulation support. If a door fails to provide sound insulation, even the effective sound insulation of the surrounding structures becomes ineffective. The doors should also complement the aesthetic of the space and enhance the features of the surrounding walls.

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    Portal doors

    Portal uksed

    Portal door in an aluminium and wooden frame with concealed mounts. It is possible to select a solution where the door leaf can be opened either inward or outward. The door leaf and solid modules are in the same plane in the front view.

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360° tour of the Wallenium showroom

We aim to work together with our clients to convert their space into a comfortable and functional environment – an ideal place for everyone to work and spend time in. We design spaces that evoke inspiration, motivation, and a sense of comfort.

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