Kindluse Kool

SWECO Projekt AS, Ahti Kooskora ja Sander Palling
Nordecon AS
Järveküla, Estonia


The Kindluse Kool building complex is located in Järveküla, between Turu tee and Kindluse tee. The exterior design of the complex reflects the established style of educational infrastructure in Rae municipality, which is modern, Nordic, and blends well with its surroundings, creating a harmonious whole. Wallenium’s functional partition solutions are installed in the elementary school, basic school, sports building, and cafeteria areas of the building complex, providing a convenient and flexible space for visitors. VAL, MOD92 and both wooden and aluminium soundproof hinged doors are used in various parts of the house. Moreover, we also installed suspended partition walls from Dorma in the assembly hall, which offer high soundproofing and feature a special finish. Wallenium provided about 600 m2 of various partition wall solutions, which were produced, delivered and installed for the project. The project was completed smoothly without any major issues, allowing the students to begin their studies on the scheduled dates.