Portal doors

Portal door in an aluminium and wooden frame with concealed mounts. It is possible to select a solution where the door leaf can be opened either inward or outward. The door leaf and solid modules are in the same plane in the front view.

  • Solution without visible mounts
  • Innovative and sleek design
  • Concealed hinges
  • Various finish options

Wallenium’s portal doors feature an innovative design with no visible mounts and 3D-adjustable concealed hinges. The range includes both aluminium and wooden frames. Moreover, their installation and transport is quick and easy. The sound insulation index of the portal doors is 39 dB (the sound resistance value depends on the engineering and technical solutions and materials used in construction at the site). We offer painted, veneered, and HPL (laminate) solutions for the cover plate finish. Aluminium frames anodised in grey or painted in a RAL colour.