TK All-glass

The glass walls of the TK system are designed as glass modules, the surface of which provides the most unobstructed view possible – the profile surrounds the glass wall only along the top and the bottom, and also along the sides if necessary. There are no vertical profiles between glass modules.

  • Soundproofing up to Rw 43 dB
  • Various finish options
  • Easy to install
  • May be combined with various products

Wallenium TK all-glass modular partitions are easy to install and move. The soundproofing of the partitions is up to Rw 43 dB. Various finish options available. Also, modular partitions may be combined with various products, such as tinting (eg smart film), electric locking, door latches etc. Sliding doors feature Wallenium’s standard top rail system where the door leaf attaches to the rail with a special clamp along the full width of the door. For hinged doors, fittings and handles from various manufacturers are used with a wide range of finishes.

The hinged door with a TKU all-glass door leaf with an aluminium frame has a minimalist design and good soundproofing characteristics. In addition to the version with no door threshold, the range also includes a regular aluminium door threshold and an automatically descending seal.

All TK All-glass product data sheets