Soundproof acoustic booths

Occasionally, amid the hustle and bustle of office life, within a showroom, or at another public venue, it becomes necessary to make phone calls, conduct private meetings, or engage in quiet contemplation away from the surrounding noise.

Our adaptable acoustic soundproof booths can be resized and relocated to provide versatile space-within-space solutions, which can be customized to meet your changing needs. We offer a variety of finishes for our acoustic booths, along with transportation and resizing possibilities, as well as options for installing lighting, ventilation and multimedia solutions. Everything can be customised to suit your specific requirements.

  • Custom sizes according to the user’s needs
  • Various solutions according to user’s needs
  • Easy to install and move
  • Private environment

Our acoustic booths come in various sizes that are ideal for moments requiring deep focus, private phone calls, discussions, and meetings. Both standard and custom-sized solutions are readily transportable and can be easily relocated within an office setting.

Chatbox is a self-contained mobile soundproof space comprised of ceiling and wall panels. It is possible to easily integrate lighting, air conditioning, IT solutions, and room acoustics with Chatbox.

Soundproof acoustic booths