Chatbox (by Silen)

Chatbox by Silen is a soundproof booth with unrivalled soundproofing and the best price-quality ratio in its price bracket, making it affordable for start-ups also. Effective air circulation is also ensured inside the booth.

  • Best soundproofing in its price bracket – 34 dB
  • Fresh air guaranteed
  • Assembly time up to 30 min

The affordable Chatbox by Silen acoustic booths, is perfect for work requiring concentration, private phone calls and creative meetings. Stylish booths that are easy to install help to boost productivity and creativity, providing users with privacy and everything they need to concentrate. Booths are available with single, double and quadruple seating. The exteriors of the booths are covered with white or black sheet metal, the interior walls with dark grey EchoFree acoustic panels. The booths are easy to assemble on your own – it takes 30 minutes at the most.

To obtain a precise calculation and quote, you may configure a suitable solution HERE